And the Award for Most Intense Group Harsh Vocal Goes To …


Wait for it

Sorry, I had way too much stupid fun with this last night. I sincerely wished that, rather than a hotel in a large Texas metropolitan area, I was instead near a mixing board so I could do nothing but sample and loop that descent into madness.

Happy Tuesday, I guess! I was going to re-bemoan the relative slowness of the last few weeks again, but then I remembered that I have like all the stuff in the queue and just need to wake up, and there’s still some newer material (coming up next!). So get over yourself, Maniac, is basically the lesson.

Anyway, cool stuff happening today. If I miss it, just yell at me.

2 thoughts on “And the Award for Most Intense Group Harsh Vocal Goes To …

  1. You gotta love an underground pop group with 5 members and 6 fans. The sparse micro-venue and the “nothing-to-lose” attitude probably makes that a really unique show… I wish I was there!
    I forgot that I’d followed this group on Youtube and I saw the video last night – after 5 minutes deciphering the katakana, I was like oh YES!

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