And of Course BiSH Has a New Single Rolling Soon, Too

Jeez, you’d swear that the first day of a new year were some kind of prime opportunity to make big announcements about your idol project or something.

March 22. “Promise the Star.” And … unique gifts.

Right. The bear thing. It’s called BE@RBRICK, apparently, and I’m a little fuzzy on whether there are actual details or it’s literally HI YOU GET A BEAR STATUE IN AN IDOL SHIRT N00BS. I mean, there are written details about the bear’s artist and stuff here, but I still don’t get it.

What I do get (or hope I get, at least), is a DVD with the iN THE END show prior to Aina’s surgery and the group’s little hiatus (give me strength), plus music videos and other doodads. It’s like $130. Like, gimmegimmegimme, but holy crap, I remain not made of money.

Maybe I’ll just settle for these little snips that Chitti’s been tweeting out from this thing they did for the fan club that none of us are allowed to join:

4 thoughts on “And of Course BiSH Has a New Single Rolling Soon, Too

  1. I’m gonna try & get this BiSH Bearbrick, I have Kamen Joshi & Steam Girls Bearbrick & Ny@brick and they are cool!

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