And Now I Can’t Stop Hearing Billie Idle’s Latest; Fantastic

I was going to do something more typical for Thursday Hurtsday, but Billie Idle’s MV for “BYE-BYE” are going to go ahead and trump that so ha.

I really struggled to avoid titling this “BYE-BYE, Billie Idle” just to see what would happen, but I’m not that cruel

Go ahead. Say it. And then when you’re listening to it for the third straight time, you can shake your fist at my computer monitor in the impotent rage of a person who realizes that a hook has once again embedded itself into your brain, and you simply cannot remove Billie Idle from your consciousness no matter how stupid everything felt the first time. T-Palette Records thanks you for your inevitable purchases.

Which is going to be both the best-of album and the live (this obviously from the former), and gee whiz, Billie Idle, if you didn’t already have stuff booked for a little while into the future, I’d say that you’re really heavily telegraphing a break-up.

Just preparing myself for a future world that doesn’t have First Summer Uika in it. Nbd.

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5 thoughts on “And Now I Can’t Stop Hearing Billie Idle’s Latest; Fantastic

  1. If somebody went the extra mile and dug up the original version to compare, well, maybe more patrons…………………… maybe. 😛

    • JOHN, while you make an excellent point, you wouldn’t believe me even if I said that I spent entire seconds looking at YouTube and Dailymotion and then had to call it quits because I can only do so much from work and also am probably out of goodwill from that placeIsometimesscoredownloadsfrom, so.

      • Cool, so it’s pretty much a straight cover even down to the video.
        Nice Devo hat on Momo at the end. Smart idea for a best of album and it’s good to see B.I. still haven’t left the new wave/post punk 80’s.
        Next time you send a a completely inappropriate and uber creepy fan letter to your Kami Oshi maybe suggest this to her for their next cover.

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