And Now HAMIDASYSTEM: The Final Chapter

And here, finally, after months of construction, of combining the aural with the visual with the personal with the novel, HAMIDASYSTEM finally gets to put an end to the four-part arc brought they kicked off all the way back in May. This is the final chapter in their story:

For the storytelling:

“Yukue” is nice! I expected that it was going to be something more than it came out to be, which is a strange thing to have thought because this matches thematically so well with everything else that HAMIDASYSTEM did with this project. This kind of generalized post-rock (for lack of a better word) genre-grab-bag approach is such a key character element for the group, like its own charm point. I was trying to think of another song that this reminded me of, and all I could land on was other stuff by HAMIDASYSTEM and like a single track from Maison Book Girl that I may be imagining.

Regardless, this whole project was just fantastic. Hats off to the visionaries behind it, hats off to the idols and hats off to everybody who got to take part in the live events, just because that’s an awesome thing to do. I’m hoping ever so hard that HAMIDASYSTEM follows up this opus with another effort (they’d be forgiven if it weren’t half as ambitious) that gets announced at their finale/release show. At that point, I’m not sure that I’ll be able to handle what they come up with.