And Now Babymetal’s Supporting Metallica on Tour

In Korea, no less!

Like, forget the Chili Peppers. That’s nice and all, but to pretty much nail Kobametal’s dream?

The girls of course talk about Metallica all the time, and the two generational colossi have been photographed not only together, but taking in each other’s shows. And this is Babymetal’s first trip to Korea, so that’s, well, kind of dipping their toes into an Asia tour.

Now put the girls on vocals …

Huh. Maybe that’s what’s next, then. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “And Now Babymetal’s Supporting Metallica on Tour

  1. Summer Sonic 2013. BM has supported the MetallicatZ before.

    In all honestly I’m extremely happy for them, and mildly jealous of Metallica, FWIW.

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