And Now Babymetal Is Officially Back

Now that it’s completely official, the team of moralists and ethics professors here at Homicidols Dot Com can finally talk out loud and with full candor about the second single dribbled out by Babymetal in the lead-up to their first album in three years. Yeah, we usually don’t care all that much about leaks (especially not “leaks”) in a moral sense — it’s more a “let’s see this the way it’s meant to be seen maybe” thing — but in this case it felt appropriate to hold up a minute and let the chips fall.

It’s been a weird 18 months for Babymetal fans, but as if there were any doubt after “Elevator Girl”, this latest one is as definitive and clear a statement as you’ll get that the greatest show on earth is ready to smash some skulls in as fun a way as possible:

You can do the buy/stream thing here:

As alluded to in the last Weekender, I absolutely loved the hard immediate reaction that most of the Babyverse fell into when this leaked last week. And to be fair, many-to-most of us were much pleased. This was, after all, a big ol’ swerve for Babymetal in terms of the genres they’ve scraped from, but that’s exactly the point — philosophically, this is basically “Iine” or “Awadama Fever” — and the kind of thing that most fans are allegedly in for. Yeah, we all like the power metal epics and the game brutality of BLACK BABYMETAL (RIP?), but the whole project has always been about throwing genres into the Large Hadron Collider and seeing what comes out. Hence, the people who are still mad about the song, man, I don’t know what to tell you.

But anyway, no sense spilling tons of ink over nothing. “Elevator Girl” was cool. This is cooler. They did a thing with a rapper from what I’m sure is a country that Amuse is considering a big growth opportunity (Asian tour this year?). The album still doesn’t have an official release date, so goodness knows how many more of these there are to come.

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  1. I’ve been a fan since their pre-teen age. It’s a very difficult transition because BABYMETAL was so iconic, even without Yuimetal not the same. Mikio Fujioka’s death was also a loss of the most recognizable face of the band. It’s such a huge franchise that they must push forward and forge a new face. I wish them the best and look forward to see and hear how they make the transition.

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