And Here’s Harajuku Monogatari

Among the various goodies to come out of TIF this year, as happens every year, was (at least for me) Harajuku Monogatari (Twitter), who our good friend Mr. Viz Major added to the Megathread, only for that video to be stricken from existence by the copyright gods. But for the brief time that it was posted and alive, I took advantage and thought, oh yeah, this is the good stuff.

So instead of the Viz’s contribution, here’s a different nice clip:

Back on the TIF Aftermath post, I likened them to a more accessible C-Style crossed with Shunkashuto; I think that’s fairly accurate.

While Monoga has the obligatory all-over-the-map idol repertoire, they can get into some territory that’s very familiar. For instance, they released this little teaser the other day:

I originally wrote “Tell me that doesn’t sound like somebody else’s interpretation of Kentacore,” only to then see on Twitter that it is indeed a Matsukuma number. (Dude’s got a style, what.)

Here’s another rockier number from last year:

They also released a single called “Red Rain” that I want because that’s a sweet cover if nothing else:

They’re kind of cool, is the point. I don’t know if I’ll follow them tremendously closely unless they get more steadily into the rock sound, but it’s always nice to have new idols getting into the fray.

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