And Down Goes LADYBABY

What the ever-living hell is going on in the world of idol?

I wonder if there’s ever been as much bloodletting of the beloved within the idol scene as we’ve experienced over the past 12 months. And that little blip at the end of 2018 felt like just that, a blip — it was otherwise a great year with loads of fun debuts — so we’re going to remember 2019 almost entirely for its indiscriminate butchery.

Yeah, so LADYBABY, closing up shop in January with one last hurrah (and record release). The language in the link uses the “suspend” word instead of the “disband” word, so the door is open for yet another resurrection by this Vorhees-like project, but I’d be surprised if they tried to keep the LADYBABY brand going all that much longer. The group was formed as a promotional vehicle, you know? You could make a decent argument that it should’ve been retired* after Beard’s departure.

Anyway, that’s it for that. The Taking Year takes another, and the most contentious part of the Best Of is going to be in the graduations and disbandments category rather than, you know, music and stuff.

*This isn’t me saying, nothing from Rie-Rei nor Rie’s brief solo thing nor the current four-piece should have existed, just that it could have been called something else and it probably wouldn’t have mattered

2 thoughts on “And Down Goes LADYBABY

  1. LADYBABY never had a chance after Beard left. No way to transition to a new concept. I always thought LADYBABY with Beard was too corny and too much like a BABYMETAL copy. I never really gave them much of a chance after that. Couldn’t figure what they were really about and it seemed like they didn’t either. I hope they do well in the future.

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