And as Far as Punning on Titles Goes, It’s Actually Opposite Day for GANG PARADE

Yep, this would be one of those releases that I expected today; GANG PARADE getting out the MV for their new single, which, help me out, I thought was called “BODY & 7SOUL” but this is “FOUL,” so is this a B-side? I don’t care. They could call it “Ham Sandwich” and I’d be okay with it.

Also, ham sandwich

After “Plastic 2 Mercy,” this is a nice next step.

If anything, I’m kind of mad the song ended; not in that I’m-making-a-funny-statement-about-how-much-I-like-it way, but seriously, it felt like it had another verse all ready for us, and then Saki’s shaving her head and then it was over. Artistic choices!

I’m really glad that the whole POP era may as well not have even happened now, outside of some songs to include in live performances. This might be the whole Pla2me legacy thing’s best lineup, period, and they’re back to doing the kinds of serious power alt-pop that got people behind that benighted project in the first place.

Also, did I miss the part when Maika was great? She joined in a hurry after all of that other drama, changed outfits like two days later and got a bunch of additional new members, then became like the gravure member. OH AND SHE CAN SING TOO.

5 thoughts on “And as Far as Punning on Titles Goes, It’s Actually Opposite Day for GANG PARADE

  1. Everyone freaking out about Saki shaving her head but all I really care about are THOSE COCO LINES, MAN <3 [/fangirl]

    C-ute did a single called Ham & Cheese Bagel, so your guess isn't too far off.

  2. Is Yui OK? I’m really pleased with this new song, but I just want to make sure we’re not all ignoring some kind of warning signs!
    I was thrilled when the “Body & 7Soul!” gang vocals came in. It’s such a nice touch and it really makes the song stand out because the first half is admittedly pretty well-trod musical territory.
    …and yeah! Don’t discount Maika just because her arrival was eclipsed when the SiS clown car unloaded in their driveway.

  3. This is exploitation at its worse. WACK should be run into the ground by anyone that has any respect for these poor performers caught in the machine.

    • What’s supposed to be so exploitative about specifically this video? This feels like one of the few MVs from the BiS stable that /doesn’t/ feel weird or skeevy.

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