As soon as I hit the publish button on that the mishmash post:

Correct you are, Chris! And because I have unofficially vowed to unabashedly support every idol thing that Julie does, and also because GREAT MONKEYS are great fun, let’s give this one a listen, too, shall we?

Gremon, I think, was already on a trajectory of being the more fun of the ROCKS ENTERTAINMENT units, even back to their aborted summertime debut. This record proves it. “Fun” of course being subjective, but this is a website for loud stuff like gnarly guitar riffs and breakdowns and blast beats and stuff, and while the latter two don’t make an appearance on MONKEY LIFE*, there are definitely plenty of other rock and rock-sounding accompaniments.

*Filenames associated with this post refer to a non-existent thing called “MONKEY TIME”; Homicidols Dot Com does not regret the error for that’s a much cooler title anyway