An Important Lesson about SPARK SPEAKER in the Context of the New SPARK SPEAKER Single

Oh neat! So SPARK SPEAKER, who you all no doubt recognize by name but not nearly enough of you will stand up and be very excited about, dropped themselves an MV yesterday. For? A single that was already released last month. Which, fine, okay. But while I was taking it in, I got to thinking (as one does) about how to write it up. What’s my big takeaway? That the song is good? That the video is? (In this case, it exists, so it is automatically better than one that does not, and I have no other commentary.) So many options!

And instead I settled on a personal annoyance that I’m going to work out in this post.

(It’s actually not a bad thing.)

So first, strap in and enjoy “SAYONARA”:

Indulge me for a minute: If we were to have a discussion on Who’s Best At This Shit, and by that reference be talking about “idol” in a very broad but still loudness-respecting way, how many people would be talking about SPARK SPEAKER at the top of the heap? It’s okay to be honest either way — my point, and one that I think you’re likely to agree with no matter where you’d be in this hypothetical ranking, is that they probably aren’t getting as many mentions as quite a few other groups. And, frankly, that’s dumb: This one single may not be the best thing they’ve ever done (see this instead!), but that’s fine, and is anybody going to complain about a true power ballad that has at least as much power as ballad in it? No. And it’s not like ballads aren’t part of the formula anyway. The fact is, SPARK SPEAKER is very, very good, and more people should be treating them that way.

Go buy the single, and pick up their other releases if you haven’t already while you’re at it, and then come back and try to tell me that I’m wrong. I’m extremely not wrong!

One thought on “An Important Lesson about SPARK SPEAKER in the Context of the New SPARK SPEAKER Single

  1. this new song is really just ”ok”, its there, not bad not good. vocals are great, music overshadows the vocals a bit too much i’d say. instrumetally it really doesnt feel like a Spark Speaker song to me. but sadly thats more often the case than not these days.

    gotta disgree with you linking to The World is Mine as an example of them doing better. that album is the deepest they’ve sunk and the first time i refused to buy an album of a group i like.
    Kyo-mei was a masterpiece (even my all time favorite idol album) and they should go back to their original sound. i have spoken to quite some people that think the same about that too. even people that stopped seeing them cause of the new songs.

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