Almost Everything You’d Like to Know about NECRONOMIDOL’s European Tour

The last time the Inquisition came to Europe, thousands were killed, thousands more forced to convert or driven into exile, nascent nation-states reformed by fire and blood. The aftermath of its quest for infidels and heretics extended far beyond the realm of the spirit and deep into the temporal affairs of emperors and kings. The reverberations of its impact can be felt through the centuries even to today.

And that was even before NECRONOMIDOL showed up!

Yes, the Darkness Girls will be returning once again to terrorize the European continent, bringing with them endless plagues and excellent music. It’s a long-ass tour with big events and extended stops and why am I doing my traveling in the wrong hemisphere this year? The choices we make …

Anyway, the important stuff, like where and when:

July 11
La Douche Froide
Metz, France
Tickets TBA
July 12~14
Hyper Japan Festival
Olympia, London UK
July 16
The Underworld
Camden, London UK
July 17
The Hare and Hounds
Birmingham, UK
July 19
The Tooth & Claw
Inverness, Scotland UK
July 20
Vessel 11
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
July 21
Blue Shell
Köln, Germany
Tickets TBA
July 23
45 Special
Oulu, Finland
July 25~28
Linköping University, Linköping Sweden

They’re also doing something at the Countess Bathory’s castle and are being annoying teases about it. The only logical conclusion is that it involves bathing in the blood of virgins, hopefully for an MV!

Or you could just look at the flyer:

Left unanswered by this info, though:

  • Without Sari, will there be fewer or more mysteriously desiccated corpses found throughout the host cities?
  • What are all the UK fans supposed to bring as gifts now that Hina isn’t around?
  • Is Okaki aware that the entire nation of Finland is just as tsundere as she is? How many have to die as a result?
  • To fight the trolls, or to recruit the trolls?

And so much more that I’m sure can only be answered by your buying tickets and going to the shows and gazing slavishly at the chthonic entity otherwise known as Himari’s hair.