Alloy’s Steps Forward: One Single, Two Members

Oh, and this goes on the Thursday Hurtsday train, too, probably — certifiably loud inheritors of the actual petit pas! legacy because they’re from the same family and until like two weeks ago even had an old member Alloy* are going to release their first single:

I’m always amused when musicians release a single well after having put out something else, album or EP or something; it’s not, but it sounds to my brain like a weird step down

Along with that is the anticipated partial member overhaul:

This is the musical realm that those two new girls are stepping into:

I still have this feeling that mave-ricks will eventually not mess this up, and they’ll get to advance some project (petit alloy!) to at least the PassCode level; the music is fun, the show is energetic, the look is great, it should work.

Good luck to them.

*Every now and again, I impress myself with how completely run-on I can get a sentence without breaking the thought.