Alloy Picks up Where petit pas! Left Off

I feel like I was right to get excited about Alloy! Fans of petit pas!, you may find their sound … somewhat familiar:

In this case, very familiar

They’ve actually spent the past week trickling tracks out onto Soundcloud (very much like Nozomi’s former group did prior to the release of Refrain), with very nice hard idol rock and stuff going on:

(Big thanks for the note, Kill48Demons!)

They had themselves an official on-stage debut at MAWA LOOP over the weekend, too — looks like a good time!

However, I am still a little disappointed with Alloy. You know, I was kinda hoping that they’d be those industrial idols I keep pining for …

5 thoughts on “Alloy Picks up Where petit pas! Left Off

  1. I’m so happy right now. I love petit pas! I got into them too late tho. one of the best albums I have. Glad there is a good spin off. I just found Nozomi twitter from Suzu hanging out with her at Mawa Loop I think, I saw @Alloy, but thought maybe it was a venue how idols like to tag, or a magazine. Didn’t know about a new group.

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  3. Just to make everyone jealous, Nozomi for some reason touched my head when I spoke with them a month ago, guess she was curious about what the stubble felt like!
    They were all really nice and relaxed in person but for whatever reason they seem very insecure/nervous on stage especially Nozomi.
    The choreography for Jump seems like a rip-off of BiSH, but it doesn’t really bother me.

      • Question, because I thought this about petit pas! sometimes, too — is the discomfort on stage something that someone would do deliberately? Like it’s an angle?

        Also, they did BiSH-like choreo in those outfits? That’s impressive. 🙂

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