MORE IMPORTANTLY, THEIR MV: Alloy May Never Run out of Demos, and I’m Okay with That

Most important update from the original: Hey look, new MV short!

Maybe this can take some of that sting away.

I remember when petit pas! was getting ready to release their (only) album last year, and they’d tease out a track every week, usually on Monday, and it was a really cool journey that, frankly, masked the fact that Refrain was ultimately kind of so-so, which is good marketing. So, fittingly, Alloy (same company) is employing not dissimilar tactics in making their catalog something to connect with.

I’ll admit that I’m still waiting for the full version of that MV, though.

I actually have no idea what they’re planning on doing with these tracks. One would think, hey, new album, or something involving new tracks and old (I mean, the single technically isn’t even out yet), or maybe mave-ricks just feels like putting their songs online in a bid to win enough fans to make this thing work out.

Good enough for Thursday Hurtsday? Sure. You can probably say a lot of things about Alloy, but “isn’t loud enough” probably isn’t one of them.