Alloy Has a Metric Ton of Stuff for You

So Alloy, unofficially officially the successor unit of petit pas! and definitely up to the billing, started themselves a big-ass tour, and, rather than do the obligatory idol thing where you make the big announcement at the end, they decided to front-load the fact that:

Oh neat! New– wait, what? Seven announcements? *clutches pearls* I am amazed and slightly offended!

Not really. This is actually great. In the exact same order as they wrote it out on the other side of that link:

  • Two singles! “Pinball” and “astronaut” (with infinity symbol) will be released in November, as will a DVD of their first one-man. The theme? Where we came from and where we’re going, roughly. I dig it. Shinozaki’s apparently providing songwriting here, which, good.
  • They’re going to do regular shows on the third Monday of every month. It ain’t quite Guso Drop’s old routine, but it’s still pretty neat. Like being a kind-of house band!
  • They have a new artistic motif! BUMP >> PUNK >> STIR. I don’t quite follow.
  • The wota will now officially and appropriately be known as Miners.
  • Ryo is now officially the leader. Respect.
  • There will be another one-man, time and date tbd.
  • And they’re apparently getting in on the 15,000 followers thing, details about which they’ll share on YouTube because why the hell not.

I am now officially rooting hard as hell for Alloy to really become a thing, though I will be mad if the new motif means changing the outfits, because they already stepped down in coolness once and don’t need to do it again.

2 thoughts on “Alloy Has a Metric Ton of Stuff for You

  1. Nice!

    Also good to see Kokoro is involved in the group – Alloy and petit pas has the best song titles, usually just a word or two.

    Btw. former Alloy/petit pas member Nozomi is no longer with perfect music and she stopped her occasional bartending job (I was lucky enough to talk to her there since I tagged along some fans, and she’s really fun and nice).

    She is not quitting the business though, but not sure what she will do, she’s currently a student (University) and after she quit Alloy she’s been doing modeling and bartendending and some meet and greets, so I don’t think she will go back to doing music. Anyways she’s now using her real name Kaoruko (!) and will no longer use her twitter and her new instagram is luckily it still has all the old petit pas/Alloy stuff.

    • Oh, good to hear about Nozomi! There were a lot of competing stories about what happened with petit pas!, so I had always hoped that it wasn’t necessarily just a falling out among members.

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