All the Zenkimi Things

Following the demise of Yukueshirezutsurezure and some membership turnings-over in KAQRIYOTERROR both building on the absolute tumult that was Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da last year, I think it would be fair for fans to wonder what all might be going on over at Codomomental HQ. Yeah, between akugi and Tokyo Tefutefu there are interesting new things afoot, but this is idol and for all we know they could self-destruct in a matter of of weeks — Tsurezure and Kaqriyo and Zenkimi are much more established quantities. And so it was that when the phone buzzed for a solid 10 seconds’ worth of notifications coming in under Zenkimi’s byline, of course I was a little concerned.

But as it turns out, at least for now, it’s all good!

First up! As you no doubt probably speculated about to yourself, Mei Yu Mei and Kotetsu are both officially joining the group:

Kotetsu now officially part of all three of the OG Codomomental acts

This brings the group to seven members! PM liked my calling it T H I C C Z E N K I M I, so I’ll brag about that. It is a lot, though, given how they record their music and perform on stage, so we’ll see. There are more things afoot, after all! Like:

A new single after Valentine’s Day! I did the title; Zenkimi’s stuff can be a little impenetrable that way, but “Corruption” hits you right on the head.

New things abound! And I swear I saw a fourth tweet in the string that had something to do with something happening sooner but it got deleted I guess! Pretty exciting all-around, though, no?

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  1. Intriguing. I was hoping that Mei Yu Mei, Takara and Kotetsu would join up with Yamakomaro to form a new group but this is an exciting development as well. Seven members does seem like a lot but I’m looking forward to the new single nonetheless.

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