All the New Things with the Darkness Girls

It was a big night in Shibuya tonight, friends, as NECRONOMIDOL held their first live ex Hina and Sari, and used it as a platform for much more than just rolling out new members.

But first, of course, the members. As all but completely given away in the teaser photo earlier in the week, there are two, and one of them is known to many of us as Hibiki, formerly of Gokigen Teikoku, now going as Kenbishi Kunogi. The other, Michelle, is previously unknown but for folks who follow the modeling scene.

This is probably the best collection of photos from the gig:

If Himari is now an official megane member, I’ll die out loud

I’ll cop to being not in love with the outfits, but they could also be a one-off kind of thing.


The Idol Formerly Known as Hibiki’s thoughts:

As for Michelle:

Tonight was* the first of four sequential shows called BEYOND, and the new members weren’t the only thing that debuted — a new song, “SALEM”, made its first public appearance as well:

Necroma is also appearing in a short film, with episodes airing at each of the BEYOND gigs and then released on YouTube shortly thereafter. The trailer:

It’s going to be really interesting to see where things go from here. Necroma’s been astonishingly stable and strong, now four-plus years old with very little turnover and just about two full years with a single lineup. Now that two absolute stalwarts are out and fresh faces are in, one could see weaknesses if they wanted, but NECRONOMIDOL largely won over fans (like us at least) with their music and presentation, and that commitment to quality isn’t likely to diminish.

Here’s to the future.

*Time zone grammar jokes are the best jokes

4 thoughts on “All the New Things with the Darkness Girls

  1. I am with you on not digging the new outfits. They are a bit too fetishy(?) for my tastes.

    Himari with the Baroness look though….

  2. its kinda sad for the new girls that all the attention now goes to nagging about the new outfits. like thats their introduction to the western fanbase..
    but then again, i do believe it to be necessary, this cant be acceptable. they need its all over the place, no coordination to be found, while thats allways been a strong point of them before.

    but yeah, those are not the only outfits that got debuted this week that i dislike. i think the way you dress on stage is very important (not only with idol), failing in that department weakens the entire live experience from the get go, and thats sad.

  3. Good: I mean, new idols. There’s nothing to dislike about that.
    Bad: Agreed, outfits cross the line from “schoolgirl attending Scholomance” to “gothic BDSM party”
    Awesome: Short films make me think that Ricky Wilson is trying to take necroma through a HAMIDASYSTEM-like path.

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