All the Hoopla About HO6LA

It’s been a long time coming, but the HO6LA (that 6 is pronounced “mu” by the way) debut single is finally OUT! To stream! To purchase! To enjoy! These are some idols you’ll absolutely want to surrender your money to, so let’s all get ready to grab a piece of Pirikarira.

Eagle eyed fans will recognise the opening line coming from none other than Pan Luna Leafy! In fact, the group more or less started because of her. The tragic loss of Carry Loose and Pan leaving WACK happened to coincide with the less tragic disbandment of CY8ER (who we still miss, but a final show at Budokan is definitely the preferable option), so Rinahamu flipped through her rolodex of hot girls and called up Miss Leafy with a modest business proposal. Some details may have been embellished a little there, but before their old groups’ bodies were even cold, an audition was being held! Who wouldn’t want to join a group with Panluna produced by Rinahamu?

Our favourite squeaky voiced vixen

Because there’s no such thing as being too lucky, the audition also coincided with another idol loss: around the time UMI had to leave PIGGS, because as it turns out tying weights to your limbs in order to build muscle mass is a horrible idea, she hopped into the audition. So now, we have an electronica supergroup with both Pan and the newly christened Hachimitsu Umi.

We love a success story

A wonderful story is about to begin again with a cast of characters both new and old, but let’s not forget the soundtrack too! You could describe HO6LA’s music as kind of similar to CY8ER because this is a group under Rinahamu after all. Both draw from electronic genres like denpa-kei, future bass and even hardstlye (the bass in Tokyo My Way will make your speakers explode) but the difference in producers is aurally apparent. CY8ER had Yunomi in their back pocket but for the most-part, HO6LA will have their music made by KOTONOHOUSE and while these two could go together in a playlist, their approach to similar genres is like night and day. Or if electronic music isn’t your thing just think about the difference between BiS and BiSH: both groups with a similar style of music but operating under fundamentally different aesthetics. Or OGBiS and BiS2. Or ASP and Biii-you know what, you get the picture.

As HO6LA grow, so will their identity both visual and musical and as we all know, idols need money to be able to do that. So stream the single to line Rinahamu’s pockets wontcha.