All Right, Now You Can Get at GANG PARADE’s Latest

For a hot minute there, GANG PARADE had made this announcement about the availability of their “FOUL” single on OTOTOY (for free! why!) and the addition of “Close your eyes” to Soundcloud without actually having posting the track to said service, and OTOTOY keeps taking its sweet time to zip up my files, so I had to wait like 30 whole minutes for the thing to arrive.


It’s not even the first time that’s happened. Fun!

I actually invite you to just let their channel play for a little while after “Close your eyes” ends. Take that journey back through one of the weirdest can’t-hit-a-bull’s-eye odysseys that I’ve ever seen. There’s credence to the notion that GANG PARADE is WACK’s experimentation unit, I guess.

Of course, if they release anything between now and September, it will not have Saki on it, but it will have Aya Eight Prince, and that sounds like forever, but then I recalled that they released the MV for “FOUL” what seems like forever ago (it was a month), so what do I even know?

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