All-but-final Songs and Details on the New BiS Album

Ah, and now we reach the point in the promotional machine when a new release (specifically, a WACK release) is laid almost completely bare before the world and all of its details are known and we get to speculate wildly about what might fill the otherwise-empty informational crevices. Behold, the new BiS album, now more than just a bunch of stuff on Soundcloud:

A title! A track list! A … a cover that looks a lot like it’s really playing up an appropriate punk rock association while also trying very hard to avoid being sued by Green Day! Good lord, after these tracks, there’s just the one left to show off, and it could also be a Green Day reference if you’re willing to stretch a little, and I’m guessing that’s where the MV will come from, the only question really being when, it being a real shame that we’re still more than a month from the release date, I say again.

But let’s listen to the new songs, which you can also still download for a hot minute (I’m sorry!):

Well that’s interesting. DigiBiS has a distinguished history; I’ll allow it. Also rocks.

You knew we were getting into balladry at some point, so be thankful that it’s “just” a nice song and not a Kentacore epic.

I repeat, but this one has Kenta’s stinky fingerprints all over it. At least it also rocks!

I have to say, I haven’t come across a bad song on this album, and even though it’s only been pre-released in these little bunches, it sounds fairly cohesive. While it would break my brain to acknowledge it, this might be the best overall BiS release in a very long time. Get hype.