Adventures in Pour Lui’s Youtube Dungeon #4

Previously On Pour Lui’s YouTube Dungeon
Everyone spent the entire week trapped in the Ototoy Dungeon until Tentenko finally let them go.
With Momoland out of the picture, Kamiya Saki has finally joined the chaos.

Episode 18: Mama Mia! Here We Go Again

The morning after the previous episode, Pour Lui wakes up, alone in her bedroom. Well, not completely alone.

“Get up you lazybones, it’s almost midday!”

“But muuuuum,” whines Pour Lui, rubbing her eyes. Did she just dream the entire Ototoy Dungeon arc? Where is everyone?

Mama Lui explains to her daughter that, while arguing with Megumi over the upcoming UK trip, everyone else just up and left, including Koshouji herself, leaving Pour Lui arguing with the wall until she eventually just passed out from ranting.

“Megumi told me where you were, so I signed her Dungeon Leave permission forms on your behalf. She’s a nice girl, that Megumi. Why don’t you join her idol group instead of sitting at home making these silly YouTube videos?”

Pour Lui was fuming. Everyone was gone! Who can she bully for YouTube views now? “Mum!” she demanded. “To the dungeon! I have a plan to get everyone back! But first, we need to make a supervillain costume!”

“Why don’t you get a real job?” Mama Lui sobbed.

Episode 19: Guess Who Came Back For Dinner?

“You call this a dinner party?” questioned an unimpressed Megumi as Pour Lui presented her and Nozomi with her less-than-elaborate spread of Umaibo corn snacks.

“Tricked you! You’re my prisoners again and I still have change from ¥500!” cackled the Pourverlord.

“How do we keep falling for this?!”a flabbergasted Nozomi wailed between mouthfuls of puffed corn.

Episode 20: Rice And Puus

Determined to stop Megumi from going on her English vacation, Pour Lui attempts to poison her.

Episode 21: P.O.P Quiz

In true anime cliffhanger fashion, Megumi’s fate is left hanging, in favour of a flashback episode. Taking place shortly after Episode 17, Saki tries to catch up on the adventures she has missed out on so far via pop quiz. An impatient Uika refused to take part and was thus punished with a Paprika squat challenge off-screen.

Episode 22: Harry Puuter

Pour Lui finds an invisibility cloak, confirming that the BYS canon officially takes place in the Harry Potter universe.

Will Megumi survive the roach? Just what is Pour Lui planning with that invisibility cloak? Will Mama Lui finally get her daughter to behave! You may or may not find out next time!

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