Adopt-An-Idol Update: They Grow up So Fast

Despite there being every conceivable good reason not to continue to Adopt-An-Idol with PoroPoro Baroque, I did say that I’d continue to keep an eye out for them; when they do finally debut, maybe then we can make another attempt.

But of course I was asleep during crucial events. Fortunately, kind reader Pukovnik Krv passed on some info: 

The first is that our young friends will have their sort-of debut tomorrow! They’ll get one song and what looks like some time to talk:

That’s better than nothing! They’re stoked:

I’m excited for them. I hear that many a folk who try to get some video from Daichi events are never seen again, but it would be quite cool if we could see our younglings in action.

However! They weren’t yet done being surprising. They may not be done filling out the roster, but they did add a third member:

You’re progressing, Poro2Baro. That’s good. I’m excited. We’re excited. Kick ass!

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