Actually, What’s about to Happen Might Be the Worst Pun I’ve Ever Made

No, not the notall one. This one:

“Hey, what can you tell me about SHINGEKI?”

Well, they’re very animated.

/laughing doge meme

Shut up, you guys.

Thanks, PIH!

This is just them building on all of that other stuff that they’ve done. This has to be the weirdest idol project I’ve ever seen — not for being actually weird a la Gokigen Teikoku, or trying-too-hard weird like, well, a lot of them, but for being able to shift gears relentlessly and churn through members and maybe finally have landed on something solid that I’m genuinely not sure that they won’t change again in a month, but why not spend your entire budget during that month and see what happens?

Also, this is just an observation, but have you ever noticed how it’ll seem like our broader community of not-Japanese idol fans will suddenly and momentarily glom onto a new thing and be very excited about it, and then you look on YouTube and realize that maybe 50 or actual-Japanese fans even bothered to look? It makes me feel like we exist to be trolled.