AAAAHHHHHH Shuuengo Buppan!

I kid you not, three times in the past month I thought to myself, what’s Shuuengo Buppan doing? and then went and looked at their Twitter feed and saw that the answer was “the usual” and then personally went back to being annoyed at how little action is in idol lately. But damn, remember how this neat little project just shot out of the gate over the summer? And we were all really excited about them for a few weeks? And then they disappeared because the Internet is a terrible memory hole?

Well, they’re back, with their first … single? They’re calling it a demo. A demo. On a CD. Now for sale. And with this MV!

via Terry

I’ve been half-complaining lately about the shifting musical tides of the hard side of idol — still pretty darn accurate, by the way! — but if I’m going to be condemned to a world littered with pop punk, it can at least be as good as what these girls bring. And Kerrie’s run-through of all of the idols who left us this year reminds me that we are in dire need of actual by-the-gods quality, not just raw numbers.