A Yellow RAY of Sunshine For You!

Spring is here and new life is emerging from the Earth (It really is!) and the days are nice and long! We’re gearing up for summer with (hopefully) significantly less Covid-ness and I for one, am longing for a new soundtrack for the humid nights I’m driving around with my windows down. What’s it gonna be? I’m sure you all have multiple things you’re anticipating, and here’s the newest hat thrown into the summer soundtrack sweepstakes…

The glorious genre-spanning etherial beings of light that we know as RAY are streaking across the heavens with a new four-song single release simply called “Yellow”! This announcement alone is a stop-the-presses level of importance as it is, but the wonderfully generous souls behind RAY have been gracious enough to give you (for a limited time) a complete listen to all four tracks! You’re now excused if you want to cut me off here and go listen immediately, after all, I’m as excited as you are and understand fully..


And also here, for your convenience, is a handy embed of this kind offering…

Wow, right??? It may of course be my own perceptions and interpretations, but these four tracks feel a bit lighter and less melancholy than the beautiful haunting songs from RAY that have really hit me in the feels on previous releases. That’s not a criticism! I really love these four tracks as much as anything the group has done before.  Once again the group continues to draw top-tier songwriting and compositions that result in music that’s strong enough to bring in even the most jaded non-idol fans. Their crossover over ability has maintained intact. 

The color yellow can be many things, often it’s used to represent fear, but it’s also frequently utilized to express freshness and optimism, and also the strength of the intellectual mind. Perhaps that use of the color trope here is why I feel so energized listening to these new songs! These tunes are RAYS of light, truly. 

Also, I couldn’t help but have another interpretation of my own enter my mind here. So far, RAY have released “Blue”, “Pink”, and now “Yellow”. Maybe it’s intentional or (most likely) it’s a just coincidence, but the order here is aligning with the classic recipe of the color printing process… C, M, Y….. so if there’s any actual nugget of truth to my hypothesis, is the next release destined to be the “K”? Will the next album be their “black” album? Watch me be completely wrong when RAY eventually releases their album “Chartreuse” and makes me look like a total overthinking goofus!