A Year This Chaotic Deserves a Corenament Final This Unexpected

Well dang, you guys. Tell me if you saw this coming: Minna no Kodomo-chan not only making a return to the Corenament final, but absolute dismantling every opponent foolish enough to step into their path along the way; opposite them, the little weirdo that could, a giantslayer if ever there was one in this event, former dog bite victim and Homicidols Dot Com interview subject YONEKO. I usually have a low-key private rooting interest when we do these things (and am often disappoint!), but this time I find myself in the position of an over-proud parent. Hell, I’ve been that way through the entire Final Four!

This one’s for all the marbles*, gang. A culmination of victories large and small can only be a perfect synthesis. New-school loud idols against an established performer doing new things, the defending champs against a sentimental upstart. It’s poetry, I tell you. Now let’s settle it for good and all:

You have until midnight EDT!

What does the winner get? Respect. What does the loser get? Possibly acknowledgement, also possibly being treated as a punchline, definitely already having won something by dint of getting this far along.

*Can you imagine if Marbles were still a thing? They’d win all the stuff

One thought on “A Year This Chaotic Deserves a Corenament Final This Unexpected

  1. i voted Necroma out to ensure Minna No Kodomo-chan’s win.
    (actually i’m lying, i wanted to but i was too late to vote on that previous round, but apparently others did what had to be done)

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