A Week from Today, We Become the New Idol Army

Our dear friend Brian would like to invite everybody to participate in a day of celebration, appreciation and notification for BiS following the release of Brand-new Idol Society 2 next week.

BiS are after all, Exhibit A of the New Idol Revolution, the shot heard around the world, and the first inductees in the Alt-Idol Hall of Fame. There’s a solid case that most of the new idol music that’s currently sweeping us off our feet wouldn’t exist without them, and we need to get to the church on time and them know that we know it.

And how are we going to do that, Brian?

Let’s make November 18th Brand-New Idol Society Day for fans in the West. … Primarily, Twitter will be our main tool, but I think we can certainly utilize Instagram and Facebook, as well as whatever additional social media you think is fitting.

It’s simple, we’re all going to post photos of us holding up a sign that simply says “IDOL”. … We’re going to be disciples of BiS, just like in the new “Change The World” PV. We’ll share our photos, tag BiS in our pics, use the hashtag #NewIdolArmy and spread it like Nutella on a graham cracker.

Nutella on a graham cracker is disgusting delicious!

But go read the whole thing! I only included the most basic of details here, and Brian has a lot more going on with this.

The most important things are the IDOL sign and #NewIdolArmy

[Adding: This suggestion on Facebook, to visit a notable national landmark (if you can) with your shirts/signs/whatever, is really good. If anybody’s in the DC area or feels like having a day at the monuments well after tourist season is over, shout it out!]

I love this campaign. I can tell you right now that I’ll be doing a full Homicidols.com web-and-social switch to the IDOL iconography for that day — banners, profile pictures, etc. And not only is that super easy, but if you’re on Twitter and do it and tag or MT BiS and Pour Lui and the members few times over the course of the day, all in a language that isn’t Japanese, it’ll be a big, obnoxious show of international support.

Like what Brian’s asking for, in other words. And it fits conceptually right into Phase II — so to that end, RT messages you see about this, share them on Facebook, email them to everybody you work with; start a conversation with people about BiS. You don’t even need to be a fan yourself — “Yeah, I guess the music’s fine, but I don’t know if anybody’s ever had a bigger impact on J-pop.” — just a willingness to flex our collective muscles a little bit to make a statement to idols and managers and Western fans of music, period that this whole business is for real, and it’s important.

I plan on humping this to death for the next week, and I hope you can join in as you’re able. I already have a 3:1 banner and a square profile image made, if you’d like them.

Just don’t go switching things up early or forgetting the day and then the whole thing is RUINED.