A Very Special Homicidols Weekender (#6)

Hey team! So it’s currently Christmas Eve (also known as Dec. 24 to a very great number of people), and it’s family time, and not only do I intend to all but disappear after getting today’s stuff lined up for you, but I don’t even want you to look at it. Go drink some egg nog and eat until you want to cry, and then do it again tomorrow.

In the meantime, let’s see how much crazy shit we can get through.

What Even Happened This Week Anyway?

She may not have caught a nomination in our awards for 2016, but Ms. Kakizaki Risaki of NECRONOMIDOL took home an MVP trophy at that Gekidan Corazon festival:


The Babymetal Red Night clips keep leaking out. You guys who went were crazy lucky.

Our unofficial MNL48 sponsoree, Shazy, has added a video thank you message to her profile page. You have to click on the Videos tab to see it, but it’s worth it if you ever wanted to hear a Filipina girl speak in Japanese and then very American-sounding English and then Japanese again.

Speaking of Babyraids Japan, they also came up in the context of their addition to the Mannequin Challenge, and I agree — this thing was planned:

If you went through the same idol pathway as many did in the post-Babymetal world, you no doubt encountered DOLL$BOXX and loved it. It was technically a one-off project, but check this out:

I bring this up purely to remind people that Fuki is the Angel of Death

Wanna see something really sad? My girls in Arrow Heart are now my girl in Arrow Heart, and that’s really magnified when “they” do the usual tiny stages in empty rooms:

Yeah, Yuu quit or something. I don’t know. I guess my personal efforts have gone for naught!

There was a lot of positive sentiment around PiGU despite their not winning the B-side of the Year award, with more folks getting acquainted with Osaka’s resident cosplay cafe idols and their very contemporary 80s revival, with all the pop punk and dreamy synths you can handle. Here’s a live that they posted about a week ago — I had to refrain from making a big deal out of it for want of stacking the deck a little too much.

I also went looking to see if the newly christened Desu.Rabbits had been up to much, and the answer is “performing.”

That’s the song that damn near won the inaugural Corenament if not for some kid running a bot. Instead, DQs and annoyances. It did probably get some additional eyes on the Idol Formerly Known as Deathrabbits, so win-win?

On a personal note, yesterday was kind of a big deal for ol’ Homicidols.com. By some weird coincidence, the 500th person liked Homicidols on Facebook, and then we crossed the 200,000 view (as counted by WordPress) threshold. Things are trending up!

You all know how I love me some Dots, so:

Say, when you were 18, how many people could you command to do your bidding?

I made a gif that I think perfectly sums up this SU-per day… Long may she reign! It’s the most incredible shot from Red Night

Have a boss weekend!

3 thoughts on “A Very Special Homicidols Weekender (#6)

  1. Ano from You’ll Melt More posted a tweet with no text and just a picture of a blood stain, which was deleted the same day, probably on advice from her legal team 😛
    Other than that, I’ve been getting a kick out of everybody wearing santa hats on twitter, and apparently still doing shows, even on Christmas eve/day!

    • With deep roots in Northern European traditions that inform most of North America’s pop Christmas practices, I sometimes feel like I should offended that people who not only aren’t part of that wider cultural family, but aren’t even in the same religious galaxy, so liberally take it and go. But then I see people having such a stupid good time and I can’t help but feel like it’s one of those things that’s hard to get wrong, even if you don’t know why you’re doing it.

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