A Very Presidential Gif Party

It’s Kerrie Time, friends. She’s celebrating a personal thing this weekend, so why not show her some appreciation?

Hi everyone! Last week we asked for your prettiest idol moments under the hashtag #idolsthetic. Lets dazzle our eyeballs at your submissions!

[Maniac: Good job, team]

Thanks for all your beautiful submissions! I really enjoyed the design student porn. This week’s gif party is on the topical side. I think you all know what topic I’m on about. Momochi is retiring!

Wait, wait, no, that’s a topic for the Hello! Project Eternal Suffering Party. Actually, as you all know, there was some kind of election this week.

Due to personal events occurring at the end of the week, I’m actually writing this in advance (which is actually something I should be doing more often to be honest) so as of writing this I have no idea who the next POTUS is. So as you read this, I’m either going on with said personal event as intended, or I’m drinking myself into a coma that will hopefully last four to eight years (Yes, I know I’m not American, but the USA are probably the UK’s most powerful allies, this shit affects us too!).

Which brings us to this week’s gif party. Whoever you voted for, there’s always got to be someone better, right? So this week, we want to hear which idol you would rather have as president under the hashtag #idolispresident (or Prime Minister, or Dictator or whatever, depending on where you are I guess). Bonus points if your gif adds context into why that idol would be a good leader.

So for example:

“LingLing with her opponent #idolispresident”

[Maniac: I think this is a good one for your “memes,” too, kiddos]
[[Also, if you use Giphy, you can add captions to gifs]]

Have fun everyone!