A Very Homicidols Christmas Carol

Have a great day, everybody! We here at Homicidols wanted to give you all something very much how we do things to help you power through the family visits or car rides or even complete disconnect from this particular cultural tradition. Consider this collection of Christmas-related idol (and whatnot) stuff our gift to you!

Maybe your speed is Okinawa Electric Girl Saya:

How about Lily of the Valley?

Don’t forget NATS.


Chiaki Mayumura:

Lyric translator Kimono Beat started an epic Twitter thread asking for everyone’s favorite J-Pop Christmas songs. DAEMON turned it into a dangerously addictive playlist.

Broken By the Scream bring you darkness and light this Christmas (and always).

Last but not least, considering giving SOLEIL to someone you love:

We all hope you’re having a great holiday season!