A Very Early Look at the Best of 2017

Kerri added this fun little thread in the forums the other day, and I wanted to call it out as an opportunity for folks to weigh in on the actual best of 2017 that we’ll actually get to do in 6-7 months; if we do our homework ahead of time, maybe we can avoid that arduous slog toward December that 2016 turned out to be.


2 thoughts on “A Very Early Look at the Best of 2017

  1. Unfortunately I haven’t been very impressed with 2017 as a whole thus far. Nothing amazing from alt idols IMO. 2016 already had a few great ones by April…

    “Bite The Bullet” by PassCode sounds really promising. I need to hear the full song to make sure. The single is out in 3 days and still no PV, what the hell gives?

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