A Tiny Little Bit of DEVIL GUN

And I mean a tiny bit!

Via Straight from Japan’s John in the Idolmetal group, we have — prefaced by a weird man-on-the-street segment on pants — what might be your first experience with the music of ICE CREAM SUICIDE sister group DEVIL GUN, featuring Botan on vocals:

How clever! They titled the song according to how many people will probably react to it!

I think the more cynical among us may be a little I-thought-that’s-what-we-were-getting-with-ICE-CREAM-SUICIDE about it, but the limited earwitness accounts of the little previews the DEVIL GUN members shared a little while back did mention a heavier sound with some harsh vocals. And listen to Botan go! She sounds like an idol, and then she sounds like an idol who’s done a little bit of work with Corpsegrinder on getting that growl down right.

So look on the bright side: DEVIL GUN sounds like they’ll be pretty fun!

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