A Three-headed Underground Rock Idol Monster

Excuse the heck out of me, you guys, for making something kind of neat and fun into a super menacing-sounding Halloween leadup thing!

So if you remember Ophelia 20mg (and you should), she’s a cool solo rock idol making it work for herself in little Osaka clubs, and she’s good at what she does. Here’s a recent set:

I had seen kind of recently that she was filming for an MV, but no sign of that yet

But Ophelia isn’t on her own out there in the world; the cool thing about being indie is that you get to wear your friendships on your sleeve and embark on cool little projects together.

Case in point is this combo job with NINA and Polka Dot Stripe:

Next week! We know Ophelia, but what about these pals of hers?

Here’s NINA:

That’s an older video; you try searching “NINA” on YouTube and getting clean, useful results for something like this. Anyway, hey look how neat, she’s a pretty good singer, too!

As for Polka Dot Stripe, here’s their deal:

It’s not just a show that they’re doing together next week, either. For NINA’s part, she’s releasing her first single, “Affection,” with help from her friends:

And! She and Ophelia are releasing a five-track joint EP thing on the same day:

And and! Polka Dot Stripe’s releasing their single on, uh, the same day … too: