A Stupid Amount of BiSH Stuff

I don’t even know what to believe anymore.

First, I saw this video come across BiSH Twitter earlier today:

“Why you no embed the video, Maniac?” Because it’s an unlisted file with embedding disabled! Just click the YouTube link and enjoy.

Second, I not long after that saw this come across on Twitter:

What interesting company to find yourselves in, BiSH! For the unfamiliar, this is what Hysteric Panic sounds like:

Shut up. It’s my favorite of theirs. I don’t even like most metalcore.

So far, so pretty amazing. What else might be going on?

Oh, just a Twitter bot that tweets out BiSH lyrics:

“But that’s all in Japanese and I, Maniac, just like you, can only read English. What am I to do?”

Well, in @DaeMetal‘s second attribution in about half an hour, not only can you get some translated lyrics via Misa-chan’s J-pop Blog, you get this fun little gem:

Problem, if you’re going to look indifferent, oh, I want to carve at you incessantly like a lunatic

Correct, even those problematic foxes full of lies
Come here to this paradise!

Now who might that be a reference to?

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