A Spectre Will Be Haunting Europe — The Spectre of NECRONOMIDOL

This is very new and very light on details, and in fact I skipped right over it earlier and had to be shown the error of my ways by our translator pal, but holy smokes, you guys, NECRONOMIDOL is taking their dark gospel to Europe:

Details are currently non-existent, except that they’re going to France and Italy in the early part of July, and may be add other countries, too. Unholy smokes.

Our buddy surmised that France may be a reference to being part of Japan Expo in Paris, which is why Tokyo Candoll exists, and which Necroma was denied victory last year. Sari makes reference to it here:

May the old gods and the new have mercy on you all.

10 thoughts on “A Spectre Will Be Haunting Europe — The Spectre of NECRONOMIDOL

  1. Odin sent his ravens to me and they told me I should go watch NECRONOMIDOL 🙂

    I wish they could do some shows in the dark north where black metal once was born. A bit closer to my dark mountain castle.

      • I would be happy if they also came across the boarder of Norway 🙂

        Even if Norway got all attention, the darkness was existing also in Sweden and Finland as well. But almost without the murders, suicides and church burnings.

  2. I’m drawing up a list of sacrificial offerings if they come to Britain, starting with Ed Sheeran. Stonehenge would make a excellent venue.
    Going to see Gojira this Saturday, and now the possibility (hopefully) of seeing Necronomidol, what a good year it’s shaping up to be.

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