This coming Saturday, Homicidols will publish Weekender #300. That is almost six years worth of Weekenders. As we approach this milestone, Team Homicidols has decided that it’s time to do some housekeeping. We are working on updating some of our static content, but there was one other item that we have been wanting to address.

Homicidols’ tagline is currently, “The Hard Side of Idol”, which was perfect for the early years of alternative idol which was dominated by punk, metal and electronic hardcore. In recent years, however, the genre has shifted and we now find ourselves spending about half the time covering stuff like shoegaze, dream pop, prog rock and even electro swing.  In an effort to help ensure our branding stays on point, it’s time for a refresh and we would like your assistance.

We have contracted with several marketing professionals to develop potential new slogans to replace Homicidols’ venerable tagline. In today’s Monday Match Game, we would like you to tell us which one we should adopt.

But first, congratulations to Yanakoto Sotto Mute for winning last Monday’s Battle of Orange by almost 50% of the votes! You all have good taste, which is why we think you’re perfect for the task of picking some effective  new branding to drive Homicidols’ vast marketing campaigns.



If you have a better idea for a Homicidols slogan, be sure to let us know in the comments below, on Twitter or over on the Homicidols Discord Server.

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