A Safe Landing for Nozomi from petit pas!

And in another reminder that there is good idol news out there, can I just say that I’m actually stoked about a new idol project that hasn’t released a single note of music yet?

Say hi to Alloy (Twitter), who would have me won over entirely on the strength of their excellent outfit and logo design. So chic! So retro-authoritarian! So … I mean, between the name and the look, could this finally be the industrial idols that I’ve been waiting for?

Anyway, that stuff’s neat, but take a very good look at the young women in that banner. Somebody looks a little familiar, no? (It’s the person referenced in the title!)

Yes, just like Mave-ricks promised after petit pas!’s last live, the members were going to move on to new projects still under the company’s management, and this is where Nozomi has found a home.

As for the group, they’re debuting at MAWA LOOP as part of a pretty exciting bill on the 27th:

What a day!

Just do me a favor, Alloy: The last group that got me this excited without having released even a teaser was ICE CREAM SUICIDE, and that was not an outcome that met expectations. I bet you can do better!

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