A Palate-cleansing-but-Brain-Busting Friday Fun

I was going to avoid Twitter this week. I wanted to avoid this audition. But noooo. All the big news just happened to arrive this week! Necroma’s Europe tour, my favourite idol duo of all time releasing lost material after 14 years, my current favourite idol duo releasing material after about year and a halfish, and I think Kamiya Saki just drew fanart of something I tweeted last year. So I came back, I saw the tweets about the audition, I wept for Trivago a second time in a row, it was chaos! But how correct were your responses?

Speaking of WACK, we all know WACK stands for “Watanabe Artistic Creative Corporation” BiSH stands for “Brand-new Idol SHiT”, BiS is “Brand-new Idol Society”, and amiinA stands for “Awake mind into ideal naked Avalon” (according to the mysterious stranger that submitted this week’s hashtag into the Friday Fun suggestion box I keep saved for whenever I forget to write something up again) but what about our other favourites? Yeah, PassCode might SEEM like a straightforward name for an idol group, but who knows if it really means “Please Ask Sally’s Secretary, Caitlyn, On Data Entry”? And what the hell does Gu-Gu LULU even mean!? I need answers and I need them now!

This week’s hashtag is #IdolAcronyms and … sorry about the WACK Audition guys. Yikes.