A New Fruitpochette Single Is Coming Soon!

Hot diggity dog! Right after sort of pining for Fruitpochette to keep moving forward, they announce this:

“Akatsuki-Crisis” will be out Dec. 23, with a deluxe, limited photobook edition to boot. I’m not much of one for photobooks, but the Zumakyuri bromance* may prove to be irresistible.

They’ll also be supporting the release with a nice little tour:

Home Thrust. Sure.

*What do you call a women’s equivalent of a bromance? “Sismance” loses the wordplay entirely.

4 thoughts on “A New Fruitpochette Single Is Coming Soon!

  1. That photobook version will probably be venue only, and it is limited to 200 copies. Sometimes I hate Japanese marketing tactics.

  2. You’ll really hate this, but I was there, at the centre of the nanoUniverse, to see nanoRider perform, of course. This was on Dec. 25th. Next up was FruitPochette. Now, I’m not a fan, so I moved back from the front of the stage, got a good central spot, and just simply enjoyed the show. I only know about two of the songs. Shiori and Yuri were both fantastic, and the music had a nice big Gibson-Marshall crunch to it. The previous week, I had attended a show in Moriyama, with plenty of hard-core sounding Idol groups playing, but I thought FruitPochette sounded better than all of them. So there. And of course now I have the new CD and the photobook, and I’m not even a fan as such.
    Annoying, hey?
    One thing I want to say. Stop all the crap speculation.
    Until you KNOW something, it’s best just to sit back.
    You don’t know what goes on in Matsuyama. Some of the stuff I’ve read on this site is quite disrespectful of the various girls involved.

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