A New Dark Age Dawns: NECRONOMIDOL’s Future Is a Terror

Now this is how you do a press release. And just in time for the holidays!

NECRONOMIDOL, who already hit us with their video for “psychopomp” earlier in the week, has a major announcement about their future that can fittingly only be announced via violence-and-the-macabre video:

Who– Whose skull is that?

So what have we learned? That at Meguro Rokumeikan on Jan. 5, Necroma’s going to take the stage with new outfits (interesting), new songs (exciting!) and a new member ( … ). And I had just been thinking that they were due for a release, soon. This all determined by destroying a casket with an ax to retrieve the skull of what I really, really hope is the new member — seeing as how that would confirm her undeadness — and then destroying that with said ax as well.

Also, because the question has come up a few times in the past week: Yes, that is the high priest of blackness who summons NECRONOMIDOL to perform for us (he’s their producer, in other words). He is American! And also cool and good people in addition to being a necromancer.

By the way, that song is “Midnight Dominator,” one of our Song of the Year nominees — if you managed to get here without seeing that we’re voting, you might want to give it a shot!

5 thoughts on “A New Dark Age Dawns: NECRONOMIDOL’s Future Is a Terror

  1. Member changes in idol groups always concern me. What if my favorite member leaves? What if I don’t like the new member? Idol is a tough world.

    • In this case, those who were leaving have already left…
      Necronomidol to me has always been a VERY cool concept that just needs a bit of tweaking with their execution (heh, phrasing), so this little shakeup has a lot of exciting potential.

    • Lineup changes are difficult in any music genre. Don’t let a case of the sads keep you from enjoying yourself.

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