A New Chapter of BURST GIRL’s Story: Wakapiku is Backapiku

Calling the past several months in BURST GIRL land a rollercoaster ride would be undermining it just slightly. Starting with the farewell of original member and Guso Drop refugee Rei, the additions of two fresh-faced young newbies, the sudden loss of one of said newbies and having dozens of shows cancelled for obvious reasons. Despite all this, BURST GIRL have just shrugged it off and kept their stride, announcing a new single, and, last night, a new member.

Well, the term “new” might depend on how loosely you define such a term. You thought BURST GIRL was done employing Guso Drop alumni? Nope! Say hi to Wakapiku! Again!

On top of that staggering news, BURST GIRL’s single, “Story” is available tomorrow (already out in Japan).

If you can’t wait that long for a newish Waka-filled BURST GIRL, you needn’t worry, as they held a listening party for “Story” earlier today. Check it out!

With a new line-up comes an interesting new sound. The lead track in particular is an experimental new, less aggressive direction in the vein of Oyasumi Hologram. Seems BURST GIRL are full of surprises!