A NEVE SLIDE DOWN Mini-Album, You Say?

Well that’s a nice surprise. Thanks, NEVE SLIDE DOWN! Via the PassCode Facebook group, it’s the little sister unit stepping out a little bit now that people are starting to recover from the “MISS UNLIMITED” release and are jonesing for even more poppy digital hardcore in their lives:

That’s Not My Real Name is such a silly title. Who goes around using a pseudonym all the time, anyway?

There’s even stuff that we haven’t heard before in there! With such highly topical titles as “Selfie”! I kid because I want to love.

But yeah, this sucker drops in a week, possibly/hopefully supported by an MV. I had wondered how and why NEVE SLIDE DOWN’s renewedly all over the performance bills of idols we know well, like DEEP GIRL. “We have a not insignificant release” is a pretty good reason.

Also, that title reminds me so much of this that I want to cry:

That iwrestledabearonce forgot how to have fun is a crime against humanity

Also, I can’t be the only person out there who sees the “No Man’s Sky” logo in NSD’s, right?

And with that curse just said out loud, let’s all hope for a much better ending than the most over-hyped thing in 2016!

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