A Mamejor Album From Mameshiba

In the most predictable move ever, MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN got their major label debut on Avex and oh boy is their first major album just as cute as you’d expect from a group who’s name is akin to “puppy horde”.

If you haven’t been keeping up with those fast paced puppydogs, their image and sound is about as close to traditional pop music as you could get from a WACK group (sans Hyadain producing a single for GANG PARADE). Their major label releases all come with manga-esque children’s versions and those kids in the Onegai Kiss Me (Please Kiss Me) video aren’t new WAgg recruits, they’re just straight up small children. From questionable camera angles in swimsuit music videos to plushie toys in arcade crane catchers to appearances in shonen magazines, MAMESHiBA’s intended target audience now encompasses “everybody on earth”. Can’t fault them for covering their bases!

But don’t fret if all of this mass marketing seems confusing, this is still a WACK album. There’s the comfort of the standard Matsukuma Kenta j-rock ballad if his take on the poppier side of pop-rock isn’t your thing. If you like both types of genre though, this album is an absolute treat for your ears. Mame no Uta (Bean Song) starts off like ABBA, MOTiON sounds like a scrappy sugar buzz of a rock song and I Need You even has pseudo-rap verses; there really is something for everyone here. The music video to Ima (Now) also has a transgender pride flag in it so, while probably completely unintentional, that’s also something to enjoy. Completely unintentional or somebody in Avex’s prop department felt like making a few people smile today.

MAMEJOR! is out on all streaming platforms right now! So what are you waiting for? Let your new favourite band of puppy performers pull you through a menagerie of music for the next hour. You won’t regret it.

Oh, and if you’re still hungry for content after all that, Miyukiangel and Nao of Nao got to have their own solo performances covering other people’s songs.