A Kimi to Boku Teaser, and a Surprising Familiar Face

I’m feeling pretty good about Kimi to Boku, Sometimes Melancholic and their slow burn back to being noticeable and worth more attention. For instance, give this teaser a listen, and tell me that you don’t want to hear the whole thing:

Heavy! And also, holy smokes, how many members do they have now, and —

What the hell? Is that — ?

Yup! That’s Maihime, ex of NEXT Shoujo Jiken and another one whose retirement talk was I guess just some cruel ploy. Or maybe there are nuances to those statements that machine translations don’t get. Who knows! (People who Japanese, that’s who.)

Anyway, here we go, two weeks away from what I guess is the release of … what. Full MV? The identities of the additional 30 members? A 5-page treatise on why you can never really leave idol, penned by Mai herself.

TY Luis and Pukovnik Krv for the tips!

2 thoughts on “A Kimi to Boku Teaser, and a Surprising Familiar Face

  1. The intro part caught my attention first. Even if its distorted I recognized it. It’s a bit from: Mussorgsky – A Night On a Bare Mountain 🙂

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