A K-Pop Double Bill

It’s not often we get to write about K-Pop on Homicidols, but we always have to brace ourselves when we do! And this weekend, we got not one, but two Korean acts dropping music videos that are actually worth at least a quick mention! Buckle up, weebs, we’re taking a ferry to South Korea!

First off is an act we’ve mentioned here a few times before, Dreamcatcher, with their much-teased promotional video for their newly-released Dystopia: Lose Myself EP.

Dreamcatcher’s dramatic blend of rock and hip-hop has earned them quite a few fans in Japan in past years; even if “BOCA” doesn’t impress you, I heartily recommend their Japanese-language digital single from a few months back, “Endless Night”. While Dreamcatcher’s output is always very polished (especially compared to underground idols who don’t have a big budget studio output), I sometimes worry that they’re trying to move away from the heavier sound that drew me to them in the first place. But, while “BOCA” isn’t quite as hard as their earlier songs like “What” or “Chase Me”, that edge is still firmly there, making Dreamcatcher a refreshing twist on what many people might expect of K-Pop. 

A lesser-known act that piqued my interest last year is rockit girl, who can best be described as part-band, part idol duo. Last year’s EP, “Little Cat” won me over quickly with its cute and high-energy sound, so after a year of quiet it was nice to hear from them again with a previously-unreleased song, “My Sea”.

I’ll be real with you; I have no idea what’s happening to rockit girl. After the release of “Little Cat” last year they went almost completely silent on social media so seeing a music video for an unreleased song, only featuring one half of the duo (despite an Instagram post from two days ago indicating that, yes, they’re both still there), left me with a mix of surprise and confusion. But it also made me go “hey, nice song!” so either way, I wish the best for them, because I for one would love to hear more of what they have to offer.

And that’s it for our occasional K-Pop roundup! Are there any other acts we need to look into more? Let us know!

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  1. I love Dreamcatcher, one of my favorite Kpop group. They are the perfect mix of pop, rock and hipHop. The musical compositions are the best in Kpop and their concepts are deeper than anything Kpop has to offer. They have come a long way from Minx.

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