A Friday Fun You’ll Have to Explain to Your Friends

Last week, while I was trying to catch up on sleep, you shared your own sleeping experiences!

How long has it been since we made fun of Watanabe?

I’M SORRY, I’M SORRY! Look, I know it’s overdone to hell but come on now! Dude just had a fashion show! It… well, at least Coco looked beautiful as always.

Check out this review, guys

Anyway, now we’re on the subject of t-shirts, anyone else feel idol t-shirts are kind of hit-and-miss? Sure, a lot of you are probably happy just to have a group’s logo on a shirt and you’re good to go. Sometimes, groups will go the extra mile to create something interesting, cute, beautiful, etc. I’m quite partial to Codomomental’s shirts that look straight out of a tumblr aesthetic blog.

Sometimes they go the extra mile in being as hideous as possible.

[Note: This is a family site where no kinds of Deka Tintin are allowed, apparently. Viewer discretion is advised. In place of an embedded tweet, please admire this other Deka Tintin instead.]

Sometimes, t-shirt designers just don’t even bother trying.

This week, in honor of Watanabe’s branching out into the world of fashion, why not try designing your own idol T-shirts? You can use this template I found after 0.0006 seconds of google image searching as a base, if you need to.

I don’t really know how to wrap up this post. Honestly, I’m still very tired. So, slap some nonsense on a t-shirt, tweet it with the hashtag #DesignAnIdolShirt and I’ll see you next week!