A Friday Fun for Those Things You’re Usually Glad Are One-offs

I’ve been losing track of time lately. Say, how are those totally-not-graduations going?

Did we already do this one? I think we did. Oh well. It wouldn’t be the first time an old Fun got recycled by accident. Have you listened to exFallen yet?

Maniac: Nice segue!

I know a lot of people were surprised by that Attila collaboration! Whether you like them or not, artist collaborations are usually a good way to learn about new acts. And sometimes, they can have some really interesting outcomes! So this week, your goal is to come up with collaborations no-one would expect to happen (but gosh darn do we hope so).

Wait, if we predict these, then they’re not really so much “unexpected”, are they? Ah well, I’m sticking to it. The hashtag this week is #UnexpectedIdolCollabs, you know what to do!