A Friday Fun For The New Decade

How was your holiday? Get any nice presents? Or were they something more along the lines of an #IdolWhiteElephant?

Well, this is the time of year where we do the annual “x year predictions”, so to start things off, what did you predict last year and how well did it hold up?

Watanabe did indeed cross the border… to England of all places! And there was a WACK reality show happening in 2019 too; maybe not as many diets, but there was certainly enough age discrimination and sexual harassment for me to never want to see it again!

100% correct!

Well, the part about Trivago returning to the WACK auitions was true.


I was unfortunately right about her graduating WACK.

I mean, the part about BILLIE IDLE was right.




Replace Kenshuusei with street-sei and yes!

In addition to last year’s preditcions, did you now that, technically, we already did #2020IdolPredictions a few years ago? It’s true! It was called #StateOfIdol2020! I’ll include those older tweets in with this years predictions next year, but