A Friday Full Of Terrible Ideas

A Friday Last week you (well, mostly Brian) just warmed the cockles of my heart.

BiS.LEAGUE. Country Girls going “part-time” and moving 3/5 of its lineup to other groups. The endless number of times management decided to kick out their group’s entire lineup and restart anew, and then realising the old lineup was actually far more popular. When you’ve been following idols for a few years, you see more than your fair share of incidents where management decides to take a risk and shake up a group, only for the whole thing to collapse quicker than the Tacoma bridge. This week’s fun can perhaps serve as a warning to all idol managers what not to do when changing things up. Or not, it’s not like they read these things.

What I’m trying to say is, this week we’re thinking up ways that our favourite groups could go through a significant change, whether that be in members or image, that would inevitably result in their sudden and catastrophic failure. This week’s hashtag is #IdolDownfalls, I’m sorry if any managers get ideas from this.